3 Things Teen Entrepreneurs interested in Music can do Right Now!

3 Things Teen Entrepreneurs interested in Music can do Right Now!
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From the Desk of Rosalie Norton
Teen Reporter for Creative Entrepreneurship

Making money as a teen musician can be hard, especially if you’re just starting out. All you know is that music is your passion and an option for a future career.

You’ve got talent but you’re not sure how to express it. Here’s 3 things you can do to get started quickly.

#1 Create a blog or website to host your Music content

Creating your own site means a place where you can showcase your talents through text, imagery, audio, or videos and watch yourself grow over time.

If you think you might not stick to it, why don’t you find a website in your community that has a site of their own. Join and share your pieces for a wider audience to see.

Lots of websites are keen to have younger voices on their pages, to hear our side of life.

People are very forgiving of quality as well. Users don’t care if your images are slightly out of focus, your spelling is off, or your videos are low resolution. They are much more interested in getting to know you as a person and hear or see what you are like.

Plain old smart phone videos are all you need. Thumbnail created with Canva.

#2 Busk outside your shops and markets

This one is one of the more obvious ones. This is great if you like performing live, and to an audience.

Busking is an awesome option, but it does come with a lot of costs.

For whatever instrument you play e.g. a singer. They will need a speaker and a mic. And that can be very expensive.

You also need to ask permission from the shop owner or council.

You will also need to get a busking/Street performance licence, which can be done online. This is free, but has a restricted time period eg. 5 hours.

But busking is fun, risky, and nerve racking all at the same time! You will definitely grow as a person after this experience.

Teen Busking in NZ

If I can busk, you can too! Here’s me Rocking it in my comfy sneakers!

#3 Create a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is probably one of the easiest ones to sign up for. It is completely free and it is an amazing way to show the world what you have to offer.

Technology and the internet is the future, and YouTube is such a huge and worldwide platform.

I have my very own channel, and I love it because I am quite a shy person when it comes to singing to an audience of strangers, so it’s great because I don’t need to sing directly to them, but through a screen. But if you personally like performing to people live, there is a live option also available.

For YouTube you don’t need any fancy ring light or camera, just use what you’ve got e.g. a phone to film and lamps in your home.

Plus it’s super easy to cut and edit your videos with free or relatively cheap apps, plus sites to create your thumbnail such Canva.

Your YouTube Thumbnail doesn’t have to be fancy. I’m in my fav Tee, no special pose, just keeping it real.

Music is such a beautiful way to express yourself, and it’s even better when you get paid for it. We are the future, and what we bring to the table can change the world forever.


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