Super Easy SFTP for Teen Entrepreneurs

Super Easy SFTP for Teen Entrepreneurs

Easy SFTPAs Teen Entrepreneurs you’ll occasionally (or often, depending on your expertise level) need to use SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to transfer files from your computer to your website’s server. In this tutorial, we’ll look at 2 easy SFTP methods.

Good web hosts, like WP Engine, the Web Host that we recommend, use SFTP these days instead of FTP. Like its name suggests, SFTP adds more security when you transfer your files.

Non-Technical Entrepreneurs might use SFTP to:

1. Upload your Google verification file to your website root folder
2. Upload your Favicon.ico file to your website root folder
3. Add tracking code from somewhere like Google Analytics or Active Campaign to your header or footer files if they are not accessible in your WordPress theme

Technical Entrepreneurs might use SFTP to:

1. Download your theme’s CSS, minify it, and re-upload it
2. Alter your theme’s CSS or PHP significantly
3. Remove unnecessary files from your theme that you are not using to speed up your site

But Good SFTP Software is not Easy to Find

It can be difficult to find good SFTP software that just works, out of the box, with no dramas.

We don’t recommend Filezilla as it always seems to download spam pop-ups to our computers even if you download it from a reputable download website.

Other FTP software either doesn’t offer SFTP or has trouble connecting via SFTP out of the box and for that reason we don’t recommend FireFTP either.

Here are 2 Super Easy SFTP Alternatives, one for Mac and one for PC:

PC: Notepad++

Notepad++ is a popular free code editor for PC.

Code editors are just text editors. The primary benefit for Solopreneurs is that they colour the code so that you can easily see where tags and scripts start and end. For professional web developers they offer many more benefits.

Even seasoned web developers often do not realise that their favourite code editor also allows them to SFTP to their web server.

1. Download Notepad++
2. After installing, open Notepad++ and click Plugins in the header. If the plugin NppFTP is not listed, download NppFTP.
3. Click the Folder with the link icon

Notepad 1

4. Click the Cog icon > Profile Settings

Notepad 2

5. Click Add new and give your connection a name eg. your website name. Click OK.

Notepad 3

6. Add the SFTP connection details from your web host


7. To connect, click the Connection icon and select the name of your connection

Notepad 4

8. You may get this message. Just click Yes.

Notepad 52

9. To upload a file from your computer, right-click on the folder you want to upload to and select Upload other file here…

Notepad 5

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Mac: Coda

Coda is a popular paid code editor for Mac. The cost is currently $99 USD. I love Coda because it looks cool 🙂 and helps me to organise several websites on their friendly dashboard.

In the Coda Dashboard below, I’ve already added this site. Let’s add another site.

1. Click the plus icon in the bottom left-hand corner.


2. In the Site tab, name your connection


3. In the Server tab, add the SFTP connection details from your web host. Click Save.


4. Your site is added to the dashboard. Add a cool image by right clicking and selecting Change image…


5. Connect to the site by double-clicking on the image. To disconnect, click the Eject icon on your top-left site icon. The tooltip will say ‘Close Site’.


And that’s it. Two easy SFTP uploaders that allow you to transfer files from your computer to your web server.

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