Chris Haddad – A Marketing Guru

The Bad Boy of Marketing. Dismissed by straight-laced businesses but he has made marketing an art form.

Chris Haddad - copywriter

Chris Haddad

About Chris Haddad

Chris is a well-known and successful copywriter who was very active online from 2011 to 2013. He is still very active in internet marketing but these days keeps his persona a little more low key.

Chris’ videos from 2012 and 2013 are still entrepreneur gold. Watch them.

Chris understands sales and marketing psychology and most importantly, can explain this topic so clearly you will slap your forehead and ‘duh’ yourself.

Why you should watch this Chris Haddad Video from 2013

Are you lost in the online wilderness? So many ideas and don’t know what to do?

Not able to make a success of anything yet?

Just watch Chris’ 2013 video below. You can thank me later.

Why you shouldn’t listen to Chris Haddad

Chris has nailed online business so perfectly it will make you sick to your stomach.

Bring a bucket and a wet wipe to wipe the tendrils of envy from your lips.

What this Low Brow Video from Chris Haddad can teach any Buisness

Chris is well-known for his own niche product, the infamous ‘Text Your Wife into Bed‘ Ebook.

Chris’ video sales page for this low brow product is classic textbook marketing.

It might be a product that you wouldn’t stick within 2 feet of your SaaS or B2B service but take a close look at his marketing and copywriting techniques behind the scenes.

They are all copywriting techniques that you can tweak for your own target market.

Watch the infamous video sales page here.

Chris has made hundreds and thousands of dollars from this product, so naturally he made a series of products just like it!

Cool Stuff from Chris Haddad

These videos will really get you excited about marketing and copywriting.

Dominate any Niche YouTube Video

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8 Copywriting Tricks Part 2

Text your Wife into Bed