Limitless is a New Zealand organisation which helps teens find purposeful work. The Limitless conference will set you on a solid path to achieving your life goals through worskshops and speaker sessions on goal setting, passions, strengths and purpose.

Limitless can help in the following ways. Find out more at Limitless

A. The Limitless Conference for Year 10 Students

The Limitless Conference features: Inspiring talks from speakers who do work that they are passionate about, engaging workshops for teens, and specially curated film content and interactive activities.

The aim of the conference is to empower students to hold greater confidence & awareness in their unique strengths, values and passions.

Students will understand more of who they are and what they bring to the world, and how this may translate to work with purpose. Work that addresses some of the most significant challenges our communities and world face.

B. The Limitless Online Portal

The Limitless online portal connects students post-conference with opportunities for mentoring, work experience, and volunteering.

The aim of the online portal is to create connections between students and relevant opportunities that exist for them.

C. Refresher Day

A follow-up Year 11 refresher day is for Year 11 students who attended the conference in Year 10. During the refresher day, teens will revisit the Limitless concepts and be supported in tackling the new challenges and opportunities at their disposal.



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