My Entrepreneurial Dream

My Entrepreneurial Dream
Rosalie's Desk


From the Desk of Rosalie Norton
Teen Reporter for Creative Entrepreneurship

This month we ask Rosalie what business she would love to set up!

If you could make a living doing what you love, what would it be?

I would open an open mic cafe!  During the day you can eat and socialise. At night you can party, perform, and express your talent in a place with good vibes.

What kind of talent would be on stage?

There would be acts from singing to dancing to juggling, you name it. It would be about bringing people together of all ages and interests, just to have a good time.

What would you name this awesome Open Mic Cafe?

The name of the cafe would be Rosie’s Cafe and the name of the Open Mic nights would be Your Time to Shine. 🙂

Down to business. How would you promote your Open Mic Cafe?

Two ways:

  1. I would promote the cafe by making cool posters advertising it, and place them around town on walls and street posts.
  2. I would create multiple social media profiles and use these platforms to advertise, share special dates, and show the open hours. The social media sites would include a link to a main website sharing information in full detail.

How would people apply to be on stage?

To book a performance spot you would go to the cafe website and book a time.

How would Rosie’s Cafe make money and be sustainable?

The cafe would make money selling food and drinks in the cafe but I’d like everything in the cafe to have reasonable prices. Taking part in the open mic night would be free of cost to the performer and I wouldn’t pay them. It is their opportunity to get exposure and get used to audiences.

Who is your target market for Your Time to Shine?

I would initially encourage teenagers to perform, and it would be at a cosy cafe where their whole family could come and watch them.

Which city would you start your idea in?

Your Time to Shine would originate in Hamilton in Rosie’s Cafe, and when it is established, franchise it to other cafes in New Zealand, in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

What help and support would you use to get your idea up and running?

I would definitely attend a teen Zeal workshop (or three!) to not only get the confidence needed but to meet other teen performers who would share the dream. Next year they are running an event management course for teenagers so that would be a big help!

Thanks Rosalie! I would definitely book a table at Your Time to Shine open mic night!

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About Rosalie Norton

Rosalie is our teen expert on Creative Entrepreneurship. With a special interest in Music and Acting, Rosalie will bring you all that's new and hot from Entrepreneurs in the Creative Arts. Rosalie will also give you her unique perspective on her own experience as a teen entrepreneur in NZ's music scene!

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