Want to Beat Poverty By Buying Stationery?

Want to Beat Poverty By Buying Stationery?
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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’d like to kick off the year with an article focused on another inspiring social enterprise – FRANK.

‘Cultivating authentic living through stationery and giving back to the community in a real, practical way’ eloquently sums up their aim to design and produce stationery that is capable of making a difference.

For each item of stationery you buy from FRANK, they give a school book to a child in need in New Zealand.

Jason and Jess Holdaway initiated the buy-one-give-one model when founding FRANK in 2012 after realising the extent of child poverty in New Zealand.

Not only does FRANK have a great social focus, all of their products including backpacks, notebooks, journals and pencil cases are made by ethical factories, with increasing use of recycled materials in their ranges.

We’re passionate about business being beneficial to communities, so we took time to visit our factory and meet the staff working there. We also support a charity that seeks to shut down unethical practice in business

FRANK have a transparent donation system and contributions directly help a child in a low-decile school. When you buy stationery from FRANK, you’re helping a community.

Unbelievably, 295,000 children in New Zealand live in poverty and 1 billion children globally.

FRANK’s buy-one-give-one model is win-win. The business owner feels good, the buyer feels good, and the school students feel good.

“There is no difference between us and the people we are giving to, other than we might have a notebook and they don’t”.

Wishing you a purposeful 2019!


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